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When Alex Ponias and Fred Mauger left their positions as Managing Director and Vice President Europe at Logitech, it was to combine more than 20 years of experience to build the company that truly matched their values.
This company had to reconcile users of electronic products – whether amateur or experienced – with third-party accessories.
It also had to innovate and create high-quality peripheral products, always at the cutting edge of technology and at an affordable price for everyone. The main goal is to support the users in all their needs, wherever they are.
We are Mobility, YOUR manufacturer and distributor.

Notre première souris


When we launched our retractable cable mouse in 2008, we had in mind to offer our customers a simple, design and, above all, unique product. Indeed, we were convinced that the mouse could follow its owner everywhere, hence the idea of a compact object that knew how to be discreet during transport, to the end of the line.
Clavier Design touch


Today, we are the market leader on Mac-friendly products, with our Design Touch keyboard that perfectly reflects the Mobility spirit: quality (noble materials), design (a new choice of colors) and adaptability (keyboards for every country).

Reveil Evoom


Mobility aims to remain at the forefront of innovation. This is why its own brands – Mobility Lab and Ryght – offer the best value for money on the market. Of course, relying on its achievements is not the objective of Mobility, which is continuing its development with Evoom, its specialized brand that offers multifunction clocks controlled without touch!

Who are the people behind the products?

Mobility is above all a team of women and men with a goal: to surprise and satisfy their customers!
To achieve this goal, this collective is made up of ambitious directors, talented designers, meticulous administrators, rigorous buyers and valiant salesmen.

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